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Ostasii luminii colinda. Cantec sfant. Poveste de neuitat. Tu nu stii. Ad Hoc. Ada Milea. Mici si multi. Colind horror 3. Talharul din Connecticut. Secretara mica. De ziua ta. Richard Inima de Leu. Adrian Aron. Plange o chitara. Adrian Berinde. Daca o iubesti feat. Adrian Bezna. Cu lupii laolalta.

Cantecul celor doua Ioane. Betiv de toamna.Dani has taken to traveling around the world in hopes of doing her own heroics. Desperately lonely despite his wealth, Vlad had made unsuccessful attempts to convince Danny Phantom in disowning Jack Fenton and join him as his son. He then tried to create the perfect half-ghost son for himself, conducting a series of experiments making clones of Danny, using samples of Danny's half-ghost DNA which he and Valerie gathered during their battles with Danny.

Vlad treated Dani as his own daughter.


He never faltered in showing "love and affection" to her; and she never faltered in her desire to serve her "father. In " Kindred Spirits ," Vlad created Dani along with a few other clones and sent her on a mission to capture Danny so that Vlad could take the final DNA samples he needed for his perfect clone. She snuck into Danny's room and waited for him in her human form, reading his comic books in his bed.

When he came, she introduced herself to him as Danielle his "third cousin once removed" and they quickly formed a bond despite Danny's initial suspicion and Dani's subservience to Vlad.

Later, Dani succeeded in bringing Danny to Vlad. She then found out that the "perfect clone" Vlad was trying to create was not her, but another one, a perfect imitation of Danny that was nearly complete. It would mean that she would be killed alongside Danny once Vlad was finished.

Dani then bails Sam, Tucker, and Danny out of trouble by overshadowing Mr.

chebac vlad daniel

Lancer and Maddie mid-rant. She says her goodbyes and then leaves to travel on her own, promising to return. In " D-Stabilized ," Dani's instability finally caught up to her, causing her powers to weaken and her body to spontaneously melt into a puddle of ectoplasm without warning.

She returned to Amity Park, seeking Danny's help and hoping to avoid Vlad. Unfortunately, Vlad discovered Dani's presence in Elmerton and sent Valerie to capture her, so he could resume his cloning experiments by melting her down and studying her remains.

Ironically, Dani met Valerie in her human form and was friendly to her. However, after Dani used her ghost form to save Valerie from being crushed by a collapsing ceiling, the latter captured her and hatched a plan to use Dani in order to lure Danny. Valerie's plan worked, and she captured Danny, whilst handing Dani over to Vlad. While torturing and interrogating Danny, Valerie was convinced by Danny to let him go to find a cure for Dani and save her from Vlad, as she was half-human and Valerie didn't want to destroy humans.

Using one of his parents' inventions, Danny and Valerie narrowly rescued Dani and re-stabilize her condition with the Fenton Ecto-Dejecto.

Rejuvenated, Dani then effectively attacks Vlad and goes with Valerie when Danny tells her to do so, leaving Danny alone to angrily confront Vlad and tell him to stay away from Dani. She then parts ways with Danny again, intending to do her own good in the world. Dani makes a cameo in " Phantom Planet " as one of the ghosts assisting Danny in turning the Earth intangible to save it from the Disasteroid. As Danny's clone, Dani is close to being Danny's identical twin were it not for her age.

In her human form, like Danny, she bears a strong resemblance to her genetic mother and genetic sister. She has the same skin color, eye color, eye shape, and hair color as Danny. She has the same hairstyle as him, with the back longer and in a ponytail.

In ghost form, Dani's skin, hair, and costume are of the same color scheme as Danny's. She has the same D logo as Danny on her chest. However, instead of a one-piece suit, Dani wears a matching shirt-and-pants set that reveals her midriff, with no belt. The right half of her shirt is white and the left half is black, divided diagonally down the middle, and she wears a white left glove and a black right glove.

chebac vlad daniel

Her pants are baggy, and are black with streaks of white on the sides that come down to her white boots. Dani shares many of Danny's likes and personality traits. Unlike the other failed experiments, she isn't mindless and doesn't mind voicing exactly how she feels.See our picks.

Six friends, all with different lifestyles and mentalities facing a series of unbelievable events. Fructul oprit is a psychological drama produced by Intact Media Group for Antena 1, which premiered on January 15, The series is a free adaptation of the novel Ask-i Memnu by Halit The Sacrifice, the series produced by Ruxandra Ion for Antena 1 Romanian TV postplays three exceptional stories, with memorable destinies, one of them bringing to life the Oprea family Relu is a family man.

He has two children, a wife, and a double life. Seen through the eyes of his family, Relu Oncescu appears to be an ordinary taxi driver. No one suspects that Relu Miami Bici is the story of Ion and Ilie, two young people from a small dark city in Romania who go to Miami in the middle of winter, to live both the "American Dream" and the Romanian dream of "getting rich quick".

A group of freshmen in an orthodox college are introduced in a world of cons, pleasure and money, but they soon discover that's not the way one's life should be lead. Following a cyber attack on a German bank, an investigator teams with local authorities and an elite hacker to track the suspects. A Bet With Life is a teen musical dramedy TV series that centres upon the love story between two teenagers Ioana Popa and Andrei Anghel whose destinies are switched at birth.

Ioana and After being sent behind bars by the ones closest to him, a young man changes his identity and seeks revenge. A different Romanian serie by all experiments from the early to present. Sure, many virtues, to the wise use of the old story of revenge in the tradition of Count of Monte cristo to the performances and script and locations and nuances. The basic good point - the care for details, ignored in past in so many situations.

Well crafted can be the fair word for define it. Because it gives a large and complex story, interesting characters and precise perspectives about characters. So, a promising start in an important genre for large public, its science to educate the taste of public being, to, a not small virtue.

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chebac vlad daniel

Full Cast and Crew.This is a list of Romanian football transfers for the —17 winter transfer window. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In: No. Position Player Out: No. Position Player. European football transfers winter — Categories : Football transfers winter —17 Lists of Romanian football transfers.

Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from June All articles lacking sources. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mihai Butean Loan return from Academica Clinceni. Constantin Budescu From Dalian Yifangpreviously on loan. Out: No. Robert Boboc On loan to Mioveni.

Romario Kortzorg To Free agent. Plamen Iliev To Astra Giurgiu. Willie To Apollon Smyrni. Ciprian Deac From Tobol. Florin Bejan On loan from Cracovia. Lucian Asanache On loan to Foresta Suceava.

Alessandro Celin To Kelantan. Iulian Mamele To Free agent. Adrian Cristea To Free agent. Dumitru Hotoboc To Free agent. Alexandre Barthe From Free agent. Claude Dielna On loan from Sheffield Wednesday.Alexandru Tutuian 1.

Cseh Ioan 1. Valerian Cuciula 1.

vlad daniel

Grek Andrei 1. Marius Constantin 1. Stan Catalin 1. Robert Baghotai 1. Ghita Fusain 1. Sfetescu Sorin 2. Catalin Turturea 3. Irimia Aurelian 3. Vichentie Florin 3. Giura Andrei 4. Szirovicza Cristian 4. Schiopul Adrian Gabriel 4. Baciu Cosmin 4. Silviu Silvinho 4. Gheorghiu Marius 5. Sas Denis 5. Florin Covaci 5. Marian Tarsar 5.

Periad David 5. Culdea Daniel 5. Flavius Rotaru 5. Giura Sorin 5. Roman Marius 6. Alin Lautaru 6. Catalin Crumpei 6.

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Dinu Alexandru 6. Andrei Teodorovici 6. Andreica Cristian 7. Stoica Florentin 7. Grosu Alexandru 7. Cristea Mark Raoul 7.He is also known for his role in 'Gammadda', an award-winning rural development movement. Daniel was born to parents of mixed racial heritage.

Having begun at several rural schools, he was admitted to S. Thomas' College, Mount Laviniain Chevaan is married to Dr Raai Wahab and together, they have a son, Che. He joined Capital Maharaja as a part-time typist in the newsroom. He has consistently attributed his success to his mentor, R. Early on, Daniel launched eezee2. However, he is perhaps best known as an English news anchor on MTV Sri Lanka, becoming a household name in his early twenties.

Chevaan spearheads Gammadda, a concept by R.

List of Romanian football transfers winter 2016–17

With a bachelor's degree in economics and a master's degree in political science, Daniel was selected as a Hubert H. Bill Silcock. Daniel has been widely recognized for his rapid rise in the world of business in general and media in particular. Inafter his station was attacked and burned by unidentified gunmen, Daniel was interviewed on CNN about the incident. Daniel was forced to make a dangerous exit out of Sri Lanka but returned within a week, and remained in Sri Lanka turning down many offers for asylum and residence, overseas.

Trei goluri, trei puncte şi locul 3 pentru Unirea Slobozia

An avid composer, singer and lyricist, Chevaan has several English and Sinhalese singles to his name, most of which he has composed and sung himself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chevaan Devavarathan Daniel. ColomboSri Lanka. Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 23 October Retrieved Hidden categories: Articles with hCards CS1 errors: missing periodical. Namespaces Article Talk.The irony in all these episodes is that he grows closer to his loved ones while Vlad ends pushing everyone away. In the end, Vlad is miserable and alone, the thing he always hated the most.

When Danny meets this new clone, the boy is nothing like he expects. Danny sunk onto his bed, the soft matress feeling like heaven after a long day of school and ghost-fighting. He was so exhausted that he wished nothing would interrupt his brief moment of respite.

Thus he released a deep groan when he heard his bedroom door creak open. She entered the room and sat next to him on the bed. He lifted his head high enough from the bed to see Jazz staring at him with crossed arms. Jazz pulled out her phone and opened it to a photograph. There was Vlad Masters standing in front of his mansion. By his side was a teenage boy who looked an awful lot like Danny.

Keep reading. Since i explained my mixed feelings about this season writing in my rant i want to talk about the good stuff. The decision of Vlad becoming Amity Park mayor was indeed a weird one.

On the other hand, as childish as it was, Danny and Vlad pulling pranks on each other is really funny.

chebac vlad daniel

To be fair to Danny, Vlad has been annoying him since they first met. He still was this powerful, manipulative and crazy ghost who put up a real challenge for Danny.

Their interactions were quite funny too. I really liked the introduction of this power. Does every ghost has his own power? Is it related to their obsession? I love how DP fanfics expand this concept, it has a lot of potencial.

A map that allows you to travel in time? Imagine the main trio visiting different eras to retrieve artifacts or chasing bad guys. Clockwork could have played a role here, as a guide for Danny to use the map correctly.

They could have written an entire arc with this. Instead of one episode, it could have been episodes about the heroes chasing Vlad through time. Now, this is how season 3 should have been. Vlad was his old self again. You can write entire arcs with this. They are cool characters in their own.

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